Import Videos To Itunes

Import Videos to iTunes

ITunes is a multimedia application created by Apple Inc. that comes built-in with the Mac operating system but is also available for Windows. You can use it to manage your music, subscribe to and download podcasts, create playlists and update your iPod. You can also use it to import and manage videos that are already on your hard drive, play them inside iTunes, and synchronize them to your iPod. Importing movies to iTunes and viewing them doesn’t require any special software or tools.


1. Open your iTunes application and enable the “Movies” category on your sidebar if it isn’t there already. Open your settings, then look at the “General” tab. Check the box next to “Movies” under the “Show” category, then click “OK” to save your settings.

2. Import a video file by clicking “File,” then clicking “Add to Library.” Find and select the file you want to import, then click “Choose.” This may take a few moments, but the video will then show up in your library.

3. Watch a movie by clicking on the “Movies” button on your iTunes sidebar, then double-clicking the icon for the movie, or clicking “Play Movie” when you move your mouse over the icon (which is a screen shot from the movie itself).

4. Add videos to your iPod by plugging it in, then selecting its name on the sidebar and clicking the “Movies” tab. Check the box next to “Sync Movies,” then select which movies you want to transfer to your iPod. Click “Sync,” and the movies of your choice will be automatically moved to your iPod.

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