IMovie is the home video production tool that’s part of Apple’s iLife software package. Using iMovie, you can create end edit professional-looking videos using images, text and video that you obtain from either your hard drive or an external source such as a camera or an external drive. You can import video files from any Sony camcorder into your iMovie project.


1. Plug the Firewire cable into the “Output” port on the camcorder. Plug the other end of the cable into an available Firewire port on your Mac. If your camera does not have a Firewire output, use the USB cable to connect it to your Mac.

2. Turn on the camera in Playback mode.

3. Start iMovie on the Mac.

4. Click the “File” menu and select “Import from camera.” A window pops up, showing your camera in a list of available camera capture devices. Select your video camera from the list and click “OK.”

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to import the video from the camera into your project.