Import To Avid From Photoshop

Whether you are looking for a more robust means of creating titles for your Avid videos or building graphics to insert into film projects, there are plenty of reasons to know import to Avid Media Composer from Photoshop. Editors commonly encounter a problem with this, however: If they contain transparency or shadowing effects, most Photoshop-friendly file types have trouble mixing well with video, which can make edges blur and fringe. PNG files use unmatted transparency though, which eliminates the issue. It is possible to create PNGs in Photoshop and import these into Avid to get clear, versatile graphics.


1. Open Photoshop and access or create the graphics you want to export. Create all elements — including drop-shadows and text — on their own layers rather than on the background.

2. Delete the background in the Photoshop file. The graphics you created will now be layered over Photoshop’s checkered background, indicating the presence of transparency in those parts of your image.

3. Save what you have as a PNG (or .png) file. Select “No interlacing” when prompted by the program.

4. Open Avid Media Composer.

5. Go to “File” on the top navigation, then roll down to “Import.”

6. Select the correct folder and click on the PNG file you created.

7. Click “Add/Add All,” then “Done.” A dialogue window will open.

8. Select the options “Non-interlaced” and “Invert Existing” in this window. Avid will now import your PNG file.

9. Pull the newly imported file up on your source monitor. You are now free to edit the layer of video on top of your background and should experience none of the blurring and fringing you would typically encounter with JPGs and other file formats.

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