Import Quicktime Video Into Windows Movie Maker

Import QuickTime Video Into Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the free movie-editing software that comes with Windows. While it is a useful tool for basic video editing, it is somewhat limited in its capacity and is not compatible with Quicktime files, which end with the MOV file extension. This is probably because Quicktime was created by Apple, according to The Apple Museum. To work with the video file, you will need to use file-conversion software to change it into an appropriate format.


1. Import the Quicktime file into the video-conversion program by accessing the “File” menu. If you don’t already have one, you can find a video-conversion program by searching a software review site such as CNET (a link is provided in the Resources section).

2. Select an output file type that is compatible with Windows Movie Maker. Probably the most comparable container to an MOV is an AVI, although an MPG will also work.

3. Press “Convert.” This will initiate the conversion process. A prompt might come up asking where you want to save the new file. Be sure to choose a directory that you will easily be able to find later.

4. Import the converted file into Windows Movie Maker. Under the File menu is an option called “Import into Collections,” which you should select to do this. You should be able to find the converted file in the directory you chose in the previous step. This should bring the video into the media library, where you will now be free to edit it.

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