Import Mts Files To Windows Movie Maker

Some HD digital camcorders record video in MTS format.

MTS files are high-resolution video files recorded by some HD digital video camcorders. Users of Windows XP will find that Windows Movie Maker, the operating system’s proprietary video editing program, does not support the MTS video format. MTS files must first be converted into a supported video file type before Windows Movie Maker can import them.


MTS Conversion

1. Download and install a video converter that supports MTS files. MTS Converter, Free HD Converter and Total Video Converter are three programs that support this file type.

2. Launch the video conversion program and open the MTS file to be converted. On MTS Video Converter, click “Add File.” On Free HD Converter, click “File” and then select “Add File…” from the menu. On Total Video Converter, click “New Task,” select the MTS file and then click “OK.”

3. Select the video format to convert the MTS file to. Windows Movie Maker supports WMV, ASF and AVI video file types.

4. Click “Convert” or “Convert Video,” depending on which conversion program you’re using.

Video Import

5. Click the “Start” menu button, click “All Programs” and then click “Windows Movie Maker.”

6. Open the video project file, if you are continuing a previous movie.

7. Click “File” and then click “Import Media Items” from the menu.

8. Select the converted video file and click “Import.” The video will appear in your video project as an imported clip.

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