Import Mp4 Video Into Flash Cs4

Creating a video from scratch offers a world of customization and personalization options, but when you are already bogged down with compiling a Flash animation file, relying on an already-designed video may be an instant time saver. Video files, such as MP4s, are an ideal addition to the Flash CS4 production. You simply import them to the stage, configure them with the timeline and let your clips run. Import MP4s to illustrate the information being presented in the Flash file or to serve as the entire file on their own.


1. Open Flash CS4. To add an MP4 video to an already-created Flash file, click its file name in the “Open a Recent Item” column or click the “Open” link, browse to the file and double-click it. To create a new Flash file for the MP4, click the “Create New” link.

2. Move the red timeline bar to the frame on the timeline to start the video. If this is a new Flash file, the timeline will already be on the first frame. Otherwise, right-click the desired frame and click “Insert Blank Keyframe.” Keep in mind the frame is just the starting point for the video. A round, hollow marker appears in the keyframe.

3. Pull down the “File” menu. Select “Import” and click “Import to Stage.” Locate the MP4 to insert. Double-click the name of the file. Click “Next” at the “Video Import” screen. The “Import the entire video” radio button is already selected, and this option is advised. Leave the options on the next screen as their defaulted choices, and click “Finish.” An “Importing” progress bar appears and its progress will depend on the file size and length of the MP4. Flash informs you of how much time is left as the MP4 is imported. Click “Yes” when Flash pops up a window noting how many frames are required to play the video.

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4. Review the stage and timeline. A black box takes up space on the stage signifying the opening frame of the video. Note the timeline is now shaded gray from the starting keyframe where the video was inserted until the last frame of the video.

5. Drag the red timeline bar from the first frame to the right and watch as the video “plays” on the stage.