Import Minidvds To Windows Movie Maker

Import Mini-DVDs to Windows Movie Maker

Converting video files from mini-DVD disc to your PC is a simple process using Windows Movie Maker. Mini-DVD discs fit inside the tray of most regular DVD drives; as long as one of these drives is installed on your computer you can copy the files from the disc into the Windows Movie Maker project window in a matter of minutes. Windows Movie Maker comes already installed on computers running Windows XP. There are versions of the software available for Windows Vista and 7 users as a free download on Microsoft’s website, but they may vary slightly on different operating systems.


1. Open the disc tray on your DVD drive. Locate the indentation on the disc tray that is designed for mini-DVD use. Put your mini-DVD into this indentation and close the tray. Click on the “X” box to close out of any windows that open on screen as a result of your inserting the mini-DVD disc into your computer.

2. Open Windows Movie Maker via its shortcut icon in your “All Programs” menu.

3. Click “File.”

4. Click “Import.” Use the box on screen to select all of the files on the mini-DVD disc that you’d like to import into Windows Movie Maker.

5. Click “Import” again. The video files contained on the mini-DVD disc will be imported into your library in Windows Movie Maker. You can now begin to edit these clips at your leisure.

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