Import Mini Dv Tapes To Imovie

You’ll need the video camera to play back the tape and import the footage.

Before you begin on your next film masterpiece, you’ll need some material to work with. That means importing footage into a video-editing program. Utilizing the user-friendly tools in iMovie, it takes a few simple steps to import video from a MiniDV tape. Unlike some newer file formats, the MiniDV format requires you to play the tape in real time to import the footage. In other words, if your tape is one hour long, it’s going to take one hour to import it to iMovie.


1. Connect your MiniDV camera to the FireWire port on your computer.

2. Open iMovie and start a new project by clicking “File,” then “New Project.” Give your project a name and save it to the folder of your choice when prompted.

3. Turn on your camera and set it to the “VCR” mode.

4. Click “File,” then “Import from Camera” if the import window does not automatically open when you turn on the camera.

5. Rewind or fast forward the tape to the point that you want to start importing with the mouse and the controls in the Import window, or by using the rewind and fast forward buttons on your camera. When the tape is cued to the right place, press “Capture” or “Import.”

6. Monitor the video. When you get to the point where you want to stop, click “Done” in the Import window. Your video will now be imported and saved to the project file that you created.

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