Import Avi Video In Premiere Pro

Import AVI Video in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editor for PC Windows computers that supports importing a number of file formats, including MOVs and AVIs. However, certain codecs (encoders to read file types) are not natively supported. If you cannot import your AVI video, it may be encoded as a DivX AVI file or it may simply be that your AVI’s frame rate is 29.97 frames per second, which causes problems when importing. To solve these problems, you will need to download and install either the AVI Import Plug-in Update or the DivX Plus Codec Pack before importing your AVI to Premiere Pro.


AVI Import Plug-in “Import…” to open a Windows Explorer pop-up screen. Browse your hard drive for your AVI and click “Open.”

DivX Plus Codec Pack “Import…”

Navigate through the contents of your computer for your input AVI movie. Highlight its icon and click “OK” to import the video into Adobe Premiere Pro.

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