Import An Entire Dvd To An Imac For Editing

Import an Entire DVD to an iMac for Editing

DVDs have replaced video cassettes for holding family memories since consumers can watch DVDs on any stand-alone DVD player. You can edit a DVD once you import it onto an iMac’s hard drive. You can use a disc copy program, of which, there are a number available for the iMac at no cost. All operate in a similar manner.


1. Download a disc copy program to the iMac’s desktop. For example, the free MacTheRipper program or the trial version of the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, will work (see Resources.) Double-click on the program once it has downloaded. Follow the menu commands to install the program onto the iMac’s hard drive.

2. Double-click on the icon of the disc copy program on the iMac’s desktop to launch it.

3. Insert the DVD into the DVD slot on the right side of the iMac.

4. Wait for the name of the DVD to appear in the top column of the disc copy program’s main screen.

5. Click on the “Disc” button on the disc copy program’s main screen.

6. Select “Full Disc Extraction” from the Disc drop-down menu below.

7. Select “All” or “Off” from the Region drop-down menu below.

8. Select “Save To” from the File drop-down menu. Navigate in the window that appears to the iMac’s desktop. Close the window by clicking the “Open” button.

9. Click the “Copy” or “Go” button on the disc copy program’s main screen. The contents of the DVD disc will be imported as a single file onto the iMac’s desktop-the importing process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours depending upon the contents on the DVD.

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10. Click “OK” in the confirmation window when it appears. Quit the disc copy program.

11. Drag the icon of the DVD that is on the desktop to the Trash. The DVD will partially eject from the DVD slot.