Import A Dvd Into Adobe

You’ll need a computer that can read DVDs in order to import them.

Adobe Premiere is an online video editing system that is designed to allow users to take clips from videos and put them in any order they want. Adobe can import several different file types, including .avi, .mpg and .mpeg. Video files that are stored on DVD’s are stored in a .vob format, which means Adobe is unable to import these files directly from the DVD. Instead, you have to change the file types halfway through the process.


1. Put your DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. Once it loads, a menu will pop up asking you how you would like to open up the files on the DVD.

2. Select “Explore” from the menu. This will open up a new window showing all of the files in the DVD.

3. Select all files that have a .vob extension. You can find out what extension the file has by right clicking it and selecting “Properties.” Near the top of the window that pops up, there is a “File Type” box that gives you the file name and the extension.

4. Right-click on all of the files that you want to copy and select “Copy” from the drop down menu. Find a place on your computer to put them, right click again, and select “Paste” from the menu. Wait for you computer to transfer all of the files over.

5. Right click on one of the .vob files. Select “Rename” under the menu that appears. Change the name of the file to filename.avi, where “filename” is the previous name of the file, only without the .vob extension. You need to do this to every file as Adobe can not import .vob files, but it can import .avi files.

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6. Start Adobe Premiere. Click the “File” button in the top left hand corner. From the menu that appears, click on “Import.” An “Import” window will appear.

7. Find the video files that you converted into .mpg files and double-click on them. This will cause Adobe to import the files.