Identify A Graphics Card With Linux

Identify video cards using command-line tools.

With Linux you can identify information about your computer’s hardware components from a command-line terminal. The video card, or cards, on your computer will be recognized by Linux as “VGA compatible controllers.” You can identify the manufacturer, model, and chipset using the “lspci” command.


1. Open a command-line terminal from the taskbar.

2. Gain root privileges by typing “su” and pressing “Enter.” Type the root password followed by “Enter” if prompted to do so.

3. Type “lspci” and press “Enter.” This will display a list of all hardware components. Your video card will be listed immediately after the text “VGA compatible controller:.”

4. Type “lspci -v | less” and press “Enter” to view a more detailed record of your hardware components. Again, look for your video card after “VGA compatible controller:.” The manufacturer, chipset, and necessary drivers will be listed underneath your card’s name.

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