Ideas For Wedding Videography

Ideas for Wedding Videography

Video is an important component in any wedding, because it captures memories that photos alone can’t capture. Instead of only seeing still visual representations, you’ll hear your vows, the laughter of your guests, as well as the music that was used. Many brides feel they can’t afford professional video for their wedding, because the cost can often run into the thousands of dollars. Here are a few ideas for wedding videography that won’t break your bank.

Student Videographer

If you live in or near a college town, you might speak with someone in their video and technology department. Many colleges offer courses on using video equipment and shooting film. If you live out west near a filmmaking school, even better. Many of these students are very savvy with cameras and will be able to create a movie-like feel for your wedding video.

Because they’re students and not yet paid professionals, you’ll get their service at a much lower rate than you would ordinarily pay. If you agree to let them use a copy of your wedding video as part of their work portfolio, you may get them to do it for free.

Family Member or Friend

Don’t discount the idea of a family member or friend doing your wedding video. The person may or may not be able to do fancy editing, but with the rise of affordable camcorders and the popularity of sites like Youtube, you should be able to find a friend or family member who can make a good video, either at a very inexpensive rate or as a wedding gift.

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Keep in mind if you want fancy video editing, creating a video comes first. Call wedding videographers in your area to find out if they do editing of video that’s already been created and, if so, the type of tapes with which they work. The important part is to capture what you want on film. Fancy editing can be done at a later time.

Shop Around and Negotiate

If no student videographers are available, and none of your friends or family members are talented amateurs, don’t give up. Videographers in your area may charge less if you have your wedding on a weekday or during a month of the year when they aren’t generally booked. (Steer clear of June, July and December.)

You may also be able to get a completely no-frills package with just video and no special effects. Remember, you can go back to have the special effects and “movie-quality” added later. Anything that is created in the editing room can be created at any time after your wedding. You may also be able to work with a newer videographer who is talented but has less professional experience, or an assistant to one of the more expensive videographers. An assistant will know about as much as the primary videographer but will cost much less to hire.