How Should I Copy Movies From My Sony Camcorder To My Hard Drive

Copy movies from a Sony camcorder to a computer hard drive.

You can transfer recorded video content on your Sony camcorder to the hard drive on your computer. This process can be completed with little effort and in a short amount of time using the video cable that came with your camera and a video editing program that comes as part of the standard Microsoft Windows software package. You can save the entire video or just a few parts of it.


1. Connect the firewire cable to the Sony camcorder.

Connect one end of the firewire cable into the firewire input jack of the Sony camcorder. It is labeled “DV in/out.”

2. Connect the camera to the computer.

Connect the other end of the firewire cable to the firewire input jack on your computer.

3. Open Movie Maker.

Open Windows Movie Maker by clicking on the “Start” menu icon. Type in “Windows Movie Maker” in the “search for programs and files” search bar. Double click on “Movie Maker.” The program opens. If you need to download this program (Windows 7), go to the download site. Click “Download now.” Check the programs you want to install. Make sure “Movie Maker” is checked. Click “Install.” Uncheck the boxes where it sets your home page and search provider. Click “Continue.” Click “Close.” Movie maker opens.

4. Put the Sony camcorder into VCR mode.

Put your Sony camcorder into “VCR” mode. Rewind the content to the beginning. If Movie Maker was already on your computer, click “File,” “Capture video” and then click “Next.” Enter a name for the video file. Choose a destination for the file on your computer. Click “Save.”

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5. Save the video onto your hard drive.

If you have downloaded Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows 7), click the arrow on the blue button at the upper left corner of Windows Live Movie Maker. Click “Import from device.” Click “OK” on the pop-up window. Click on the icon of your Sony camcorder under “Digital Video Cameras.” Click “Import.” Name the video and choose from “Import the entire video,” or “Choose parts of the video to import” Click “Next.” The camera content rewinds and begins to be captured to your hard drive.