How Edit My Video Clip Downloads

Editing video clips isn’t the easiest task in the world. Editing video in itself is usually a pretty resource-heavy process on a computer. When you edit video, you usually can’t do anything else because the computer is so busy editing the video clips. If you do want to edit video clips you download and you are willing to invest the time to edit them, you can edit them with a little practice in some editing software.


Suggested Software

1. Find video editing software that you’d like to use to edit your videos. Give Windows Movie Maker a whirl (see Resources). Windows Movie Maker is free movie editing software made by Microsoft for Windows users. It features basic movie editing tools, such as trimming clips, overlaying music and even a few basic scene transitions. The software only outputs into WMV or AVI formats.

2. Download and try Avidemux (see Resources). This is an open source video editor for multiple operating systems. It offers most of the same tools that Windows Movie Maker does, plus a few added special effects tools. One of the advantages it has over Windows Movie Maker is that it supports more video formats for both importing and exporting video. It also allows you to overlay more than one audio track, whereas in Windows Movie Maker you are limited to one specific track for all the audio.

3. Try Open Video Editor (see Resources). Open Video Editor is specifically made for Linux computers. Like Avidemux, it is open source. This makes it free for as long as you want to use it, and there are no limitations on it. It too offers multiple tracks for different audio overlays, as well as a few special transitions and effects. Another key feature of this program is some of the filters it has built in for special editing of your video clips. You can even download and add custom filters to the program for more video editing features.

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Editing Instructions

4. Import your video clip by clicking on the “File” menu and selecting “Import.” Then, in the window that opens, find your downloaded video clip and double-click on it. The program will then import it into the editing program.

5. Make the necessary edits to your video clip. You can add special effects, trim the clip to remove parts, add music to your clip, make transitions between scenes and much more, depending on which program you are using.

6. Save your movie when you are done making all the edits to it. Do this by clicking on “File” and looking for either a “Save Movie” or “Render Movie” option. Click on that, choose where you’ll save the movie and what you’ll call it, then wait for it to finish saving your edits. When it completes, you’ll have edited your downloaded movie clip.