How Edit An Iso Movie File

How Can I Edit an ISO Movie File?

ISO movie files are used on DVDs. They contain not only the video and audio footage for the DVD movie, but also the data files that allow the DVD to function properly. Editing an ISO movie file can be done in a couple of different ways. You can edit just the ISO, removing some of the video clips from the file, or you can actually edit the video clips that are contained in the ISO.


DVD Shrink

1. Download DVD Shrink if you would like to edit the ISO file to remove some video clips from the file, but don’t need to edit the actual video (see Resources). After it is downloaded, install DVD Shrink to your computer.

2. Launch DVD Shrink. At the end of the installation process, when the system asks if you would like to launch the program, click “Yes,” or go to the “Start” menu and “All Programs,” then click the DVD Shrink folder and the program name.

3. Open the ISO file that you want to edit. To open, go to “File,” “Open,” locate the file on the computer’s hard drive and double-click the name to open the file. The individual video files contained in the ISO are shown in the right pane of DVD Shrink.

4. Click the “Re-author” button to edit the files on the disc. Drag the files that you want to keep in the ISO from the right pane into the left DVD Structure pane.

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5. Pull up the window in which you save the new ISO by clicking the “Backup” button at the top of the DVD Shrink window. Click the “Browse” button to select the folder where you would like the new ISO file to be saved and click “OK” to save the ISO into the folder.

Magic ISO

6. Download Magic ISO to edit the ISO file by removing the clips, but not editing the ISO video (see Resources). Install Magic ISO to your computer.

7. Open Magic ISO on your computer. To open, click the “Start” orb, “All Programs,” the “Magic ISO” folder and then “Magic ISO Maker.”

8. Click “File,” “Open” to display the Local Browser pane in Magic ISO. Navigate to the folder that contains the ISO that you want to edit. Drag the ISO file from the Local Browser pane into the ISO pane to see the ISO file’s video contents.

9. Delete the video files that you want to remove from the ISO. To remove a file, click on the file name to highlight it and click the red “X” button to delete it. Rename files by clicking the “AB” button and entering a new name when prompted.

10. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Save As” or click the button with the image of a disk on it to bring up the Save window. Choose a folder on the hard drive where you want the ISO file to be stored, enter a name for the file and click the “Save” button to save the edited ISO.

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Video-Editing Software

11. Extract the individual video object, or VOB, files from the ISO file. To extract, right-click the file and choose “Extract” from the menu. The video files appear in the folder.

12. Convert the video file from the ISO that you want to edit into a format that is recognized by most video editors. To convert, go to or, click “Browse” to upload the VOB file, choose “AVI” or “MPG” as the output file type, enter your email address and click “OK.” Once the conversion is complete, the converted file is emailed to you.

13. Launch any video-editing software and upload the AVI or MPG files into the program. Video editors that accept AVI or MPG include Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere. To load files, click the “Import” button, go to the folder where the file is saved in the window that comes up, click the file and click “Open.”

14. Drag the video clip that you want to edit to the timeline and use the program tools to edit. Click the “Slice” tool to cut the video and use the arrow tool to rearrange the video in the timeline.

15. Save the edited video as a new movie file. To save as a movie, go to “File,” “Export” or “File,” “Publish.” Enter a name for the movie file in the window that comes up, choose the folder where you would like to store the video on your hard drive and click “Save.”