How Do You Edit Video From Sony Dcr 85

The Sony Handycam model DCR-SR85 records images and video using an internal hard drive. Clips are also captured to an optional Memory Stick. Once you have all the footage captured, you have to transfer it to a computer for further editing. There are multiple ways to get the video for editing and each method depends on your own experience and the computer you are using for the process.

Picture Motion Browser

Insert the “Picture Motion Browser” CD-ROM into your computer and follow the prompts to install the software. Open the software once installation has completed. Connect your camcorder to the computer using the packaged USB cable. Wait for the program to detect and connect to the video camera. Browse through the files and click the ones you want to transfer to the computer’s hard drive. Wait for the files to transfer.

Windows Computers

Instead of installing the software, you can manually select and transfer the files to your computer. Go to “My Computer” and look for the camera’s drive, it should be listed as “E:,” “F:,” or “G:” depending on how many drives are located on the computer. Go to the “Movies” folder to copy and paste the files to a folder on your computer’s hard drive. Use Window’s free movie editor, “Windows Movie Maker,” to import and edit the video files.

Macintosh Computers

Macintosh computers are not compatible with the “Picture Motion Browser,” so users have to manually get the video files. Plug the USB cable into a port on the Macintosh computer. Wait a minute for the camcorder to be recognized by the computer; you will find the corresponding drive on the desktop. Double-click the drive and access the video files. Transfer the files to a folder on the computer. Use Apple’s free “iMovie” software to trim and edit the video clips.

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Video Editing Software

Once the clips are on the computer, there are plenty of other software options as well. You can edit using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Nero software among others. The clips are compatible with almost any type of video editing software and can even be burned to a DVD when the editing is completed.

Editing Functions

When editing videos, the main thing to do is trim. Drag a clip into the “Timeline” of the editing software. Click and drag the clip on the front and back of it to trim the beginning and end. Use the “Slice” tool to split a large clip into multiple clips. This makes the editing process a lot easier because clips are easy to manipulate and errors are fixed quickly. Add transitions like “Cross Fade” between clips to make the video flow easier.


Adding titles and effects to the video will make it look more professional and exciting to watch. Different effects that you can apply in editing programs include “Grayscale,” “Mirror” and “Reverse Video.” Use shadows on titles to make them stand out and place them in the center or bottom corners of the video.