How Change Hue Contrast & Brightness In An Avi Video

If you’re looking for the best possible playback quality on your PC, you can use a desktop video editor or video conversion software to adjust the settings of your AVI file. Most PCs, however, do not come pre-installed with software that allows you to edit the brightness and contrast levels of a video file. To complete this task, you must use third-party software such as iWisoft Video Converter, Aunsoft Video Converter or AVS Video Editor.


IWisoft Video Converter

1. Download and install freeware application iWisoft Video Converter (

2. Double click on the program icon to open iWisoft Video Converter.

3. Click the “Add” button and select the AVI file you want to import and edit.

4. Click the “Edit” button on the main toolbar. The “Video Edit” window appears.

5. Click the “Effect” tab at the bottom of the screen. Notice the “Brightness” and “Contrast” tools, as well as the slider bar located under each option. Use the slider bar to increase or decrease the video’s contrast and brightness levels. As you adjust the levels, you can preview the changes in the “Output Preview” pane. Click “OK” when satisfied with your edits.

6. Click the “Profile” drop-down menu, highlight the “Common Video” option and select “AVI.”

7. Click the small folder icon in the “Output” field and select a destination folder for the edited file.

8. Click the blue “Start” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the conversion process is complete, the edited AVI file will be saved to your chosen output folder.

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Aunsoft Video Converter

9. Download and install Aunsoft Video Converter ( As of October 2011, this software costs $35. The company does, however, offer a free evaluation version.

10. Launch Aunsoft Video Converter.

11. Click the “Add Video” button, select your preferred AVI file and click “Open.”

12. Click the “Edit Selected Task” button, indicated by a pencil icon on the toolbar. The “Video Editor” window opens.

13. Click the “Effect” tab. Click and drag the slider bar under each effects tool to adjust the settings for your video. As you increase or decrease the contrast and brightness levels, the changes appear in the “Output Preview” window in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “OK” to save your edits and return to the main screen.

14. Click the “Format” drop-down menu, highlight “Common Video” and select the “AVI” option.

15. Click the “Browse” button to the right of the “Output” field and select your preferred destination folder.

16. Click the “Start Conversion” button. The program encodes the AVI file with the edited contrast and brightness levels. When the process is complete, the software saves your new AVI file to the destination folder you chose in the previous step.

AVS Video Editor

17.Download and install AVS Video Editor ( As of October 2011, the software costs $39. To test the program, install the trial version.

18. Open AVS Video Editor.

19. Click the “Import Media Files” button, select the AVI file want to edit and click “Open.” The file imports to the storyboard frame at the bottom of the screen.

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20. Click the “Color” button and the “Color Correction” window appears.

21. Click and drag the “Brightness” slider bar to the right if you want to make your video brighter. To decrease brightness, drag the slider bar to the left. After selecting your preferred brightness level, adjust the contrast level using the “Contrast” slider bar. Click “OK” to save your changes.

22. Click the “File” tab and select the “Produce” option. Choose the “File” option in the “Video Categories” menu and click “Next.”

23. Select your preferred AVI setting from the “Profile” drop-down menu and click “Next.”

24. Click the “Folder” drop-down menu and select your preferred destination folder for the edited file.

25. Click the “Create” button. The programs saves the edited video to your chosen output folder when the conversion process is complete.