History Of The Mpeg2 Hp

With so many video standards, it’s often tricky to know which si best to use.

If you’ve ever tried playing a video file on a personal computer, you know how tricky it can be to view it with your media player. MPEG-2 HP was born of the desire to simplify that process.

Deciphering MPEG

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) acronym refers to the body which created it. The group compiled an international collection of standards which became one of the most commonly used method to encode or decode streaming video and/or audio.

Evolution of MPEG2

The MPEG is a subgroup of the Joint ISO/IEC Technical Committee (JTC1) on Information Technology formed in 1988. Their official declaration of standards for the first generation was published in July 1989. As the need for higher quality broadcast capability increased, they developed the MPEG-2 standard, which was proposed in July 1991.


Profiles define certain subsets of the MPEG-2 standard capabilities to be implemented without having to support the full range. This allows MPEG-2 to be ported to a number of digital output devices with limited capabilities, such as cellular phones or hand-held media players. The high profile (HP) designation is one of the broadest profiles, including all the standard features; as MPEG-2 evolved, so did it.

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