Hd Camcorders That Shoot 24 Fps

HD Camcorders That Shoot 24 FPS

Consumer cameras are now equipped with high-definition (HD) specifications. A number of them also offer the option to shoot in 24fps (frames per second), which used to be possible only when shooting film. The term 24fps means 24 frames are shown every second, and this series of 24 images per second provides the illusion of movement. The word “movie” actually comes from the word “moving picture,” as a film or video is composed of a series of related pictures.

Canon VIXIA HF S200

The VIXIA HF S200 is a flash memory camcorder that boasts native 24p mode to perfectly match the frame rate of film. It also offers a 5.1-channel surround sound feature to add realistic-quality audio. It records using two SD memory card slots with a new feature called relay recording. The camcorder automatically switches video recording from one SD card to the next as soon as the first one becomes full. It is also equipped with a 3.5-inch high resolution touch panel LCD screen for quality footage monitoring.

Aside from the native 24p mode, the camera also provides other frame rate options including the 24p cinema mode and 30p frame mode.

Panasonic HDC-TM700K

The Panasonic HDC-TM700 offers 1080/60p record modes and frame rate options including 60i, 60p and 24p. It features two storage options: a 240GB internal hard drive and a memory card slot. Marketed as a low light camera, it is beneficial for amateur filmmakers and documentary filmmakers who need a very portable, light-sensitive camera without the need for strong light sources. It also has time lapse record and pre-record functions for recording sunsets, clouds and people moving around in a time lapse and shoot a few seconds of extra footage prior to pressing the record button.

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Canon VIXIA HV40

The Canon VIXIA HV40 is different than most of the latest camcorder offerings as it is one of the few consumer-based cameras that use a tape instead of SD cards, P2 cards or hard drives for video storage. This HDV model features a native-progressive 24p mode. It also is equipped to convert recorded 60i footage to 24p or 30p using its own pull-down system, which eliminates the unnecessary frames for the converted material.

The HV40 offers both standard definition (SD) and HD recording features. It has a variety of scene modes, white balance presets and image effects and manual focus function. For capturing photos, the camera stores them using MiniSD cards instead of the more popular SD and SDHC cards.