Have Your Video Featured On Youtube

If your video is featured on YouTube, the result can be instant Web-wide fame and recognition. YouTube is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet, as it showcases a massive amount of user-submitted video content from all around the globe. A spot in the Featured Category is coveted by both novice and professional video-makers alike.


Upload Your Video to YouTube

1. Load the YouTube home page (see the Resources section below) and click ‘Log In’ to sign-in. If you don’t yet have an account, click ‘Sign Up’ to register for free.

2. Click ‘Upload Videos.’

3. Enter the title, category, tags and description for your video.

4. Click ‘Continue Uploading.’

5. Select ‘Choose File.’

6. Choose the kind of broadcast you wish to create. It can be public or private. Private videos are not viewable by all YouTube users, just the ones you select.

7. Click ‘Upload Video’ and wait for the process to complete. Your video is now available for all YouTube users to enjoy.

8. Solicit ratings from other YouTube members and from friends and family. The higher the ratings your video receives, the more likely it is to be featured.

9. Go to the YouTube Help Center and access the link ‘Making, Uploading And Promoting Videos.’ Click on ‘After Uploading Your Video.’ You’ll see a section on promoting your video.

10. Click on the links in the Promoting Your Video section to see YouTube’s hints for making your video stand out. Note that the two most important things for making your video popular are ensuring that it has tags and descriptions that allow people to find it and letting people know that it’s up there (e.g., via your blog).

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Submit Your Video to YouTube Editors for Consideration

11. Send an email to editor@youtube.com, and attach a link to the YouTube video you would like to have featured. Do not attach the video. It must first be uploaded to the YouTube site.

12. Explain why you think your submitted video is worthy of being featured. Even if the video hasn’t yet received a high rating or a lot of views, the editor may deem it worthy.