Have A Cool Room In Nicktropolis

Nicktropolis is an online community owned by Nickelodeon. In Nicktropolis, kids play games, design characters and create their own rooms. Membership for Nicktropolis is free. All the games use characters from Nickelodeon television shows. Each membership allows the player to create their own realm within Nicktropolis.


1. Go to Nick.com and click on the Nicktropolis link. Log in to your account or sign up for a new account.

2. Pick the style of room you want. Visit other people’s rooms to get ideas for how you want your room to look. Click on the person’s room you want to see. Click on the “Visit Room” icon. Click on “Top 10 Rooms” to see the top ranked rooms.

3. Play games and go on treasure hunts to collect Nick points. Click on the “Games” or “Map” buttons to find fun games or areas to explore in Nicktropolis.

4. Visit the stores in Nicktropolis to swap points for items for your room. You can buy video games, chairs, tables and decorations for your room. There are stores in every section of Nicktropolis. Some are marked “General Store,” “Decor Nation,” or “Market Place.” When you enter an area visit every building in the area to find all the stores.

5. Click on the “My Room ” tab at the top of the page to go to your room. Click on “Edit Room” in the tool bar on the right side of the page to edit the room.

6. Arrange the items in your room. Click on the item you want to put in your room. Drag it to the room and drop it in place. To move any item click on it and drag it to a new location. Do not make the room to crowded. Change your room as often as you like.

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7. Invite friends and other members to visit your room. If people like your room, you may make the Top 10 Rooms list.