Graphic Design Training

Train to be a graphic designer in-person or remotely.

Graphic designers create and design artwork to help emphasize certain points of communications. This is often created electronically. Graphic designers will design the images for publications such as magazines or newsletters or presentations such as corporate reports and marketing brochures. They may design logos, promotional displays, signs and websites. Graphic designers use tools such as Photoshop, InDesign or Publisher as they create images and visuals for communications. There is an abundance of training for many of these tools.

Technical Education and Training

Various schools and universities offer education and training for graphic designers. People who want to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree may enroll in a fine arts program. There are also two-year associate’s degrees and certificate programs for those who may not want a full four-year degree. With both two-year and four-year degrees, students will usually be expected to take liberal arts classes to complement their specific course of study.

Training centers such as ONLC or New Horizons offer specific courses in many aspects of graphic design. These courses range from beginning Photoshop courses for people with no experience to advanced courses for those with lots of experience. People interested in specific graphic design training may want to look into these types of training courses because they are focused only on particular subject matter. Many of these courses are available online and also through instructor-led training.

Publishing Training

If you’re interested in graphic design training so you can design corporate correspondence such as reports, newsletters or brochures, you may want to look into specific graphic design training for publishing purposes. Adobe’s InDesign software is a tool that graphic designers use for publishing professional layouts. Microsoft Publisher is a more elementary software that some designers can use for publishing purposes as well.

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Microsoft’s website offers free Publishing tutorials for anyone interested in graphic design training on a small scale. Specific training websites such as offer a wealth of online training videos to people who are interested in graphic design training. Here you can find training on all Adobe Creative Suite products and Publisher as well. This is a membership site; however, some of the training tutorials are offered at no charge. Becoming a member gives you the ability to do online exercises throughout the training.


Becoming a graphic designer may require you to learn about multimedia, particularly if you want to advance in the field. Graphic designers use a version of Flash to create Flash-based movies with graphics, text and animation for distribution on the Web. Multimedia training allows students to conceptualize and develop interactive Web-based communications as well. Taking video editing training allows graphic designers to create rich videos with enhanced effects and transitions.