Grab Screenshots From Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premier simplifies the task of grabbing images from videos.

Every second that you watch a video or movie, different images flash past your eyes very quickly. One of these images may be one that you’d like to use on your computer desktop or simply add to your picture collection. Screen shots can be captured from videos in several ways on a computer. Some users press the “Print Screen” key to grab images, while others use dedicated screen capture applications. If you work with the Adobe Premier video editing program, grab any screen shot you like from any location in a video using Premier’s “Export Frame” functionality.


1. Launch Premier and press your “Ctrl” and “I” keys simultaneously. When the “Import” window opens, double-click one of the video files displayed in the window. Premier adds the file’s icon to the Project panel.

2. Drag the icon from the Project panel onto the Timeline at the bottom of the user interface. A thumbnail of the video appears on the Timeline.

3. Press your “Space” bar. The video plays inside the Program Monitor in the upper right corner of the user interface.

4. Press the “Space” bar again to pause the video when you see an interesting scene. The video pauses.

5. Locate the “Export Frame” button, marked with a camera icon, in the lower right corner of the Program Monitor.

6. Click the icon. Premier opens the Export Frame pop-up window. Type a name for your screen shot in the “Name” input box.

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7. Click the “Format” drop-down box and select one of the image formats in the drop-down list. These formats include JPEG, PNG and BMP (Windows Bitmap).

8. Click “Browse” to open the “Select Folder” window. Your computer’s folders display in this window. Click the folder where you want to save the screen shot, then click “Select Folder.” Click “OK.” Premier saves the captured image to the folder you selected.