Good Video Editing Software For Beginners

If you’re a beginner to video editing, you can find good software for free.

If you’ve decided you want to do some basic editing on your home movies, or you simply want to learn edit video, there are a few good software options out there that don’t cost any money.

Microsoft Movie Maker

Microsoft Movie Maker comes as part of the Microsoft XP package, and is suitable for editing home movies. It allows you to do all the basic things such as move scenes around, delete scenes, add music and special effects.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is available for free on newer Macs, however older users will have to purchase it separately. iMovie allows you to do more things than Movie Maker, such as edit the audio volume, and it has a slightly more user friendly way of adding effects.


Wax is free software for both PC and Mac users. It is suitable for beginners but its large array of special effects mean some professional video editors use it as a separate plug-in too. It is especially good for 3D effects and text.

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