Good Software For Video Editing

Recording the video is only the beginning.

Thanks to the advent of inexpensive digital video cameras more people are able to capture memories and express themselves through video than ever before. However, recording a movie is only the beginning. Eventually it needs to be edited so that people can watch it.


There are two main types of video editing software. Automatic editing software such as Reveal or AutoProducer from Muvee Technologies and manual editing software such as Final Cut, Premiere Pro and iMovie. Some products such as Windows Live Movie Maker combine elements of both.


Automatic editing software allows the user to pick elements such as music and style of video then automatically does the hard work of analyzing and assembling the raw video into a complete project. Manual editing software is essentially a digital version of an editing bay. It allows users to go over their video frame by frame, arrange scenes in the order they want, cut out unwanted elements, perform tasks such as color correction, add visual effects and add layers of sound and music.


The main consideration when selecting editing software is the goal of the project. If the goal is to create a watchable and entertaining home movie for friends and family then automatic editing software such as AutoProducer, Reveal or Windows Live Movie Maker or basic manual editing software such as iMovie are the best options. If the goal is to learn professional editing techniques in order to create films for public viewing, then manual editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro are the best choices.

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