Get Work From Home Proofreading Jobs

Whether you’ve got extensive experience as a proofreader for a publication or simply have an eye for detail when it comes to the written word, consider putting your spelling and grammatical knowledge to good use with work from home proofreading jobs. By finding one-time jobs or a list of dependable clients, you can generate a substantial supplemental income while working at home. Consider these tips to improve your skills, find proofreading jobs that utilize your experience and market your services to get work from home proofreading jobs.


1. Create a resume that highlights your skills and experience as a proofreader before you attempt to get work from home proofreading jobs. Include job positions you’ve held, notable projects you’ve worked on and your educational background. Be sure to list any style guides you’re familiar with, such as APA or the Chicago Manual of Style.

2. Expand your resume if you don’t have much practical proofreading work experience by taking classes or continuing education courses to increase your skills. Websites such as WriteStyle, eLearners, UniversalClass and FlexStudy offer online proofreading courses that you can complete at your own pace. Your local community college or technical school may also offer proofreading classes at a fraction of the cost.

3. Get work from home proofreading jobs from private clients by distributing your resumes at local businesses that produce promotional materials, newsletters, brochures or rules manuals. Also consider making contacts at schools where students may hire proofreaders for essays and thesis or at writers’ conferences where writers are looking for proofreaders for resumes and manuscripts.

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4. Find online proofreading jobs through websites such as or You can also contact companies that offer online proofreading services such as IvyLeagueProofreaders, TheProofreaders and SimplyEnglish to see if they’re offering any work from home proofreading jobs. Some sites, such as ProofreadNow, even seek proofreaders that specialize in languages such as Spanish, Russian and Chinese. When looking online for work, however, avoid signing up with proofreading services that appear to be scams-promising astounding profits for little work or requiring you to pay fees for job listings or start up costs, for example.

5. Complete any proofreading tests required to get work from home proofreading jobs. Most online proofreading and editing services will require you to take an online skills evaluation or download documents to proofread and return with edits visible in a Word document, for example. Ensure you read any style guidelines before completing the test in case the client has quirky preferences that don’t fit typical grammatical rules.

6. Ensure the details of the proofreading jobs you’re offered work well with your work at home schedule before you accept. Meeting deadlines and completing each job with accuracy and professionalism will ensure your clients provide additional proofreading projects.