Get The Black Ninja Outfit In “Bully Scholarship Edition”

Bully: Scholarship Edition” features several outfits and weapons that can be unlocked by completing tasks. The black ninja outfit can’t be unlocked until the last mission, but it gives you the ability to go completely undetected by all authority figures. The only way to earn this outfit is by taking the picture of every student enrolled in your school. Most students tend to stick with their cliques, but some of them can be more difficult to find.


1. Play through the game until you complete the “Photography 2” class. This will give you a camera and unlock the Yearbook. There are 61 students in all and you need to take all of their pictures to complete the Yearbook. Three pictures are in the Yearbook automatically, leaving 58 students to find.

2. Take pictures of as many students as possible. Most students are in cliques of nerds, jocks, preppies, elementary students, bullies, greasers or townies. These groups tend to cluster together, so it won’t be too difficult to get all of their photos. Some students are unaffiliated, but you’ll see them in missions throughout the game. Remember their appearance from the missions and take their picture when you see them around school or in town. The Yearbook is listed alphabetically so it’s easy to know which photos you still need to take by comparing the Yearbook to the listing in any of the online guides available.

3. Complete the last mission to get the last photo automatically added to the Yearbook. This will unlock the black ninja outfit. Go to your dorm room in the school and click on the closet to access your outfits. Select the black ninja outfit to change into it.

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