Get Sponsored On Youtube

Youtube has been a creative outlet for videos.

Youtube has been a hub for creative individuals equipped with a video camera. As of 2010, the website boasts about having the ability to garner more than 2 billion views a day. Commonly dubbed as “vloggers” — a word play between “blogging” and video content — some of these Youtube users have “channels” that have taken off and then partnered with Google through their Youtube Partnership Program. After a certain amount of popularity, vloggers are able to snag lucrative sponsorships and endorsement deals. Getting your Youtube channel to be sponsored will require a bit of time and tact.


1. Get a large subscriber base. The only way to get more subscribers is to put more quality content onto Youtube. Having a large subscriber base will not be instantaneous. It will take time. Make sure to use a camcorder that allows you to record clear video content. Entertain your subscribers, but make sure that are you connecting with them as well.

2. Have a business email on your Youtube channel for business inquiries. After you have acquired a large following, then the email connected to your Youtube account will be regularly assaulted with Youtube messages, video, comments and friend request notifications. A separate business email posted on your Youtube channel will help you stay organized.

3. Do not put up questionable material on your channel. Sponsors will be very wary of users that curse excessively or are putting up questionable material on their channels. Youtube has a comprehensive list of rules and regulations that you can tap into for guidance. Check the Resource section for a link.

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4. Don’t get your channel deleted. You cannot get sponsored if your Youtube channel has had strikes for questionable content. Do not post unauthorized music on the channel. Likewise, do not post nude pictures or videos on Youtube. Youtube will terminate your account and revoke your Youtube partnership with Google. This will not look good to future sponsorship opportunities.

5. Send query letters and emails to video sponsors. In the letter, make sure to note how you and your Youtube channel are marketable. Tell them how many views you get on a daily basis, the amount of subscribers you have and the unique attributes that sets your Youtube channel apart from other video content on the website. In other words, go after companies that can make a profit off of you to seal a sponsorship deal.