Get Sponsored Easily For Rollerblading

Rollerblade competitions sometimes take place on a halfpipe.

While certain rollerbladers may prefer to keep their wheels on the ground, other riders opt for a more adventurous approach. Extreme rollerblading, also known as aggressive-inline, consists of a multitude of riding disciplines, including park and street. Extreme rollerbladers participate in organized competitions that are sponsored by numerous companies. According to Be-Mag, the Asian X-Games is one of the only extreme sports contests that still has a rollerblading event. While getting sponsored in any sport is never easy, you can follow a few simple steps to increase your chances of success.


1. Ask a friend to help you create a specialized rollerblading movie known as a sponsor-me tape. Allow your fellow rollerblader to skate behind you while holding a Mini-DV camcorder. Perform your best trick variations with the camera rolling.

2. Connect a firewire cable into the port of your camcorder. Insert the opposing end of the cable into a laptop that features a video editing program. Create a title screen that displays your full name, age and contact info for potential sponsors.

3. Upload a song onto the tape to compliment your rollerblading footage. Burn the footage onto a few different DVDs so you can hand them out to your favorite companies. Write the name of the intended recipient on the DVD with a marker to avoid giving potential sponsors more than one copy.

4. Research upcoming rollerblading competitions in your local area. Examine the course where the competition will take place to identify the numerous types of riding obstacles. Practice at a training facility to create your ideal contest run.

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5. Drive to the rollerblading competition early and pay the required entrance fee. Try to outdo the fellow competitors by executing your most difficult tricks without falls or slide outs. Distribute your sponsor-me tape to your favorite companies at the conclusion of the competition.