Get Sponsored By Osiris Shoes

An Osiris sponsorship can help you get into exclusive sporting tournaments.

Osiris is a sporting goods company that sells shoes, clothing, skating accessories, surfing accessories, and motocross accessories, according to the Company’s website. Osiris also sponsors up and coming athletes that have the potential to become all-stars. The sponsorship is extremely competitive, so you must have a trick-filled portfolio or video, or a resume that highlights all of your activities pertaining to your sport. Having Osiris as your sponsor can help you get exposure and compete in some of the world’s top tournaments.


1. Create a video, resume, or portfolio detailing your skills in your chosen hobby. The video should display your skating, surfing, or motocrossing abilities. Pull off a few amazing tricks to dazzle the sponsors at Osiris Shoes. Edit the video together using video-editing software and add some nice effects to it, for example, a backing track or transitioning animation. After the disc has burned, place it into a DVD case, so it can travel in the envelope lightly.

2. List all of your experiences, if you decide to write a resume. At the top of the resume, list your first and last name, address, city, state, ZIP code, e-mail address. If you have any work experience in the sporting field that you are applying for, mention it in the next section of your resume. In addition, mention the awards that you have won in any tournaments or events.

3. Display action pictures of your tricks or of events that you have been featured in, if you decide to create a portfolio. Have a friend or a professional take the photos, since you will be surfing, skating, or motocrossing. Use a high mega-pixel camera to capture your motocrossing, skating, or surfing. Once the pictures are taken and printed, place them into a binder for shipping.

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4. Place the resume, video, or portfolio into an appropriately-sized envelope. (Visit your local post office and ask them for an envelope large enough to mail your resume, video, or portfolio.) On the outside of the envelope, write the address of the Osiris Shoes main office, which is: 7130 Convoy Ct., San Diego CA. 92111. On the packaging, write “Attn: Skate TM,” if you are a skater, “Attn: Surf TM,” if you are a surfer, or “Attn: Moto TM,” if you are a motocross racer.