Get Rid Of The Black Bars On Your Youtube Video Using The Videopad Editor

Use a cropping tool to remove your the black bars on your video.

If you have black bars on a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, chances are it’s because your video was made in the 4-to-3 aspect ratio instead of the more standard 16-to-9. You can fix this problem by using a video editing program such as VideoPad Editor, but since you’ll be cropping your video and stretching it to make it work, you’ll have to sacrifice part of the image on the edges of your original work.


1. Open VideoPad Editor and click “Add Media” to import the video you want to work with. When prompted, select the video file from the files and folders on your computer.

2. Drag the video clip from the Media List to the Sequence — also called timeline — section of the program. Click on the clip on the Sequence line to highlight it.

3. Click “Effects” and then “Crop.” Click “16:9” from the Adjust Crop Area heading at the left side of the program.

4. Drag the red rectangle that appears in the Crop pop-up window to your desired location around your video clip. Notice that you lose some of the video from the top or bottom of your clip to achieve the 16-to-9 aspect ratio. Click “Save Changes” once you’ve dragged the red rectangle to the desired location.

5. Click “Save Movie” at the top of the program to save the newly-altered video. You can then re-upload your video to YouTube.

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