Get Rid Of Phonograph Records

Get Rid of Phonograph Records

There are some collectors who might buy your old phonograph records, but typically they are not as valuable you may think. In fact, the common mistake of using steel needles in phonograph players may have damaged the records by causing wear to the grooves. Many older records eventually break and crack, and may not even be playable anymore. If you have some unwanted phonograph records, in good or bad condition, there are several ways to get rid of them.


Donate Your Records

1. Check each record’s condition visually, and attempt to play them on a phonograph to be sure they are in working condition. If you do not have a way to play the records, give them a close look-over to check for cracks or other damage.

2. Place the working records into a large box and throw the rest in your trash bin.

3. Visit a local retirement home, thrift shop or music school in your community to donate the working records. If you do not have a music school or museum nearby, ask a local music or history teacher. Music students could learn about music history and phonograph records while history students could use the records for pop culture lessons.

Create Crafts

4. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Place an oven-safe bowl onto a cookie sheet, and lay the phonograph record on top of the bowl.

6. Place the cookie sheet with the bowl and record into the oven for five or six minutes. The record should be softening and folding over the bowl.

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7. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven, and carefully use your hands (with oven mitts on) to smooth the record into the shape you want.

8. Use the record as a bowl for loose change, jewelry or even party snacks.