Get Moving Photos On Youtube

Do a “pan and zoom” within a video editing program to get your photos to move.

You may have seen “videos” on YouTube that consist of nothing more than still photos with a bit of a “move” to them. With the use of basic editing tools that come with most new computers, you too can create “videos” from the photos you took with your basic still camera. To do so, you will need to have a bit of familiarity with the way your video editing program works, and create that “pan and zoom” that turns the picture into a motion picture.



1. Start a New Project by clicking “File,” then “New Project.”

2. Click on the Camera icon from under the iMovie preview window. This will open your iPhoto folder. Click on the photo you want to use and drag it to the Timeline of iMovie.

3. Adjust the “Ken Burns” effect on the photo by hovering your cursor over the photo until the flower-shaped icon appears. Click the icon, then select “Cropping, Ken Burns & Rotation” from the drop-down menu.

4. Adjust the green and red boxes that appear in the preview window to adjust the “move” of the photo. Click “Done” when you’re happy with the move on the photo.

5. Continue dragging photos from your iPhoto folder to the Timeline.

6. Export the video by clicking “Share” from the top menu, then selecting “YouTube.” At the next screen, enter in your YouTube username and password, and select “Share.” Your video will be uploaded to YouTube right from iMovie.

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Movie Maker

7. Start a new project by selecting “File,” then “New.”

8. Click “File” then “Import Media Items.” From the files and folders on your computer, select a photo you want to use. To select more than one at a time, hold down the CTRL key to choose selected files. Click “Import.” Your photos will now be displayed on the Storyboard — also called a timeline — of your video.

9. Click on a photo you want to “move” to highlight it.

10. Click “Visual Effects” from the top menu, then select “Pan and Zoom.” This will create a pan across the selected photo. Repeat the process for other photos which you want to make “move.”

11. Click “File,” then “Publish,” then “This Computer,” and then click “Next.” Give the file a name at the next screen, and select a folder for the file to be saved to in the “Publish to” box, then click “Next.” Click “Publish,” then “Finish.”

12. Log in to YouTube with your YouTube username and password, and select “Upload.” Select your video file from the folders on your computer, and click “Upload.” Your video will begin uploading to YouTube.