Get Jobs Once You Complete The 3d Training Courses

You need more than a good resume for a 3D animation job.

School and formal training are not often prerequisites for finding a job in 3D animation and design, but they do certainly help. The most important thing to finding a job in any of the arts is a portfolio of quality work. In the case of 3D animation this comes in the form of a demo reel, and if you have been successful at school you should have many, if not all of the components necessary to put together a good demo reel.


1. Browse through your old projects from school. Find the best of the best that demonstrate skill with modeling, texturing and animation. If possible, find a clip of a piece you’ve done that uses a character and lip syncing.

2. Using the clips you found and some editing software, put together a short demo reel that starts with your name and contact information, much as you see credits come on at the beginning of a film. There is debate about the best length of demo reel, but for those who are not already professionals, shorter is usually better. One to three minutes at most, should be sufficient.

3. Search on major online job boards like Monster and Workopolis for companies that may be hiring. There are also specialized 3D animation boards like that are well worth looking at. Send them a copy of your demo reel with your resume. Many potential employers also accept online demo reels. If you are capable of uploading your finished demo reel to the Internet, do so and send a link to potential employers that ask for your reel.

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4. Compile a list of 3D animation companies in your area. Because these jobs are usually very actively pursued, companies don’t always need to advertise. Being proactive and sending all the companies in your area a demo reel with your resume is a good idea, as you never know when a position or internship will open up.