Get Fraps To Write To A Frapslog

FRAPS, derived from “frames per second,” is a utility that enables gamers to monitor the frame rates of their video games, which is invaluable in finding the optimal setting for a computer system or finding out the limits of a graphics card. And while FRAPS is fairly intuitive and easy to setup, you’ll have to configure the program’s settings before you can get a FRAPSLOG of a video game’s benchmarks.


1. Launch FRAPS, then click on the application’s “FPS” heading.

2. Check the boxes next to the elements you’d like FRAPS to log. “FPS” logs the frames displayed per second, the “Frametimes” option recording the length each frame is displayed. The “Minmaxavg” logs averages of the FPS and Frametimes values.

3. Click on the “Change” button. Select a folder location to store your FRAPSLOG, using the file explorer window that appears.

4. Click on FRAPS’ “Minimize” button, denote by the “_” icon, and then start your game. Press your keyboard’s “F11” key when you’re ready to start logging your FRAPS benchmarks. Press “F11” a second time to stop logging the FRAPS data.

5. Close your game, then open the “FRAPSLOG” file from the folder you specified earlier.

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