Get Flowers In “Bully Scholarship Edition”

Bully: Scholarship Edition” is an action-adventure game by Rockstar, the same company responsible for “Grand Theft Auto” and “Red Dead Redemption.” It follows the same gameplay style as Rockstar’s other titles, but it’s set in a prep school. Players take the role of a strong, but short, outcast and guide him through the complicated social networks of high school. Along the way, he can romance other characters. One of the simplest ways to initiate a kiss is by giving his potential paramour a flower.


1. Walk around campus until you spot a flower. They grow throughout Bullsworth, though you’ll find the verdant patches in front of the library and girl’s dorm.

2. Approach the flower and then use the action button to pick it.

3. Go to a datable character, such as Cornelius or Edna. Speak with them and select the option to give them the flower. You’ll then have the choice to kiss them if you’ve completed Art 1. Kissing somebody increases your health meter more than 100 percent.

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