Get Files From A Jvc Hdv To A Computer

While capturing high-def video, or HDV, from a JVC camcorder to a computer may seem like a far more complicated process than capturing standard video to a computer, it doesn’t have to be. Additional video cards and external capturing equipment, such as single digital interface (SDI) devices, can be added to the computer for HD capture, but aren’t actually necessary. JVC HDV can be captured to a computer using the same technology used to capture standard video.


1. Plug the standard FireWire cord, also called an i.Link cord, provided with your JVC camcorder into the FireWire port on the camcorder. Only one FireWire port is available on the camera and it is the only port that fits the FireWire connector, so you should have no trouble locating the port.

2. Connect the other end of the FireWire cord into the FireWire or i.Link port on your computer. If your computer does not have a FireWire port, get an external FireWire port device. Plug the USB plug on the external device into any open USB port on the computer and plug the FireWire into the FireWire port on the external unit.

3. Look at the side-panel of the JVC camcorder to find the capture type switch. To capture the HD video as DV25, flip the switch to “DV.” To capture the HD video as MPEG, flip the switch to “MPEG-2.”

4. Open video-editing software with HD video capturing capabilities on your computer. Many editing programs, even standard programs like Windows Movie Maker and Apple’s iMovie, have the ability to capture high-def video.

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5. Go to the “Capture” or “Import” feature in the video-editing program you are using to capture the HDV from your JVC camcorder. The “Capture” or “Import” feature is usually found in the “File” menu of a video-editing program.

6. Enter a name for the HD video that you are about to capture when prompted by the program. Select an output folder for the video and click the “Capture” or “Import” button to begin capturing.

7. Press the “Stop Import” or “Stop Capture” button to stop capturing when the video in the JVC camcorder is done playing. Click the “Save” or “Finish” button to save the captured HD video to the selected folder on your computer’s hard drive.