Get Bully Game Cheats

Video game cheats allow you to take shortcuts around game levels or take a faster path on your second time playing a game. Get past tough missions or get the 100-percent completion bonus faster by using player tips, tricks and cheats for the PlayStation 2 video game Bully.


1. Look through player guides and walkthroughs for Bully at trusted video game websites, such as IGN and GameSpot (see Resources below). These guides and walkthroughs are developed and posted by gaming enthusiasts who have played the game multiple times and have earned a reputation with the websites to which they post.

2. Visit gaming forums to learn about in-game glitches that work to your advantage in Bully. GameSpot and NeoSeeker (see Resources below) offer player forums that discuss Bully glitches, tips and tricks. One interesting glitch gives Jimmy the ability to beat up authorities without being busted.

3. Use the IGN, GameSpot and NeoSeeker websites to search for Bully cheat codes that are entered during game play. These cheat codes require a second controller for input. Gamers who post cheat codes to these sites have tested the codes and verify the authenticity of the cheats before posting. Any falsely posted cheats are removed quickly by moderators.

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