Get A Monster Spawner In “Minecraft”

Minecraft” is a pixel-based game created by Mojang. The game is a sandbox building game where players can mine for resources and build different things using those resources. The game also has monsters that can attack the players. The monsters are created through a “monster spawner.” This is a large cage with burning flames inside that spawns the monsters in the game. While you cannot build a monster spawner, you can gather them and place them where you like to spawn monsters in a specific area, such as a drowning trap for resource mining.


1. Locate a natural cavern in the game. Typically, these are found near mountains or other hilly areas, much like real caverns. Sometimes you can also find caverns by mining straight down into the ground.

2. Equip yourself with at least 64 torches, three or four iron picks or diamond picks, two or three swords and full armor.

3. Press the “F3” key. This will reveal the ID number of any nearby monsters. Check for high concentrations of monsters inside caverns. If you find a cavern with a lot of monsters, it is likely a dungeon.

4. Follow the concentration of monsters until you reach the monster spawner inside the dungeon. The monster spawner looks like a giant cage.

5. Kill the monsters surrounding the monster spawner.

6. Mine the monster spawner with a pickaxe until it breaks. Pick up the spawner and place it in your inventory.

7. Place the spawner in the desired location once you leave the dungeon.

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