Get A Job In Video

Jobs in video range from in-house editing to freelance video producers and directors who travel the world.

The video industry offers plenty available jobs and careers depending on the sills and interests of the applicant. Opportunities exist to shoot videos, edit video or work with special effects. Jobs exist with video production companies, various video projects or in freelance video work. Getting a job in video is possible by using different methods and resources, both locally and online.


1. Review the type of career or job you would like to get involving video. Whether you are looking to become a video director, producer or editor, various opportunities might be available depending on your own location. Choosing the type of work you are looking for ahead of time will allow you to focus only on those careers when job hunting.

2. Write a list of your video-related skills and certifications or awards if you have any.

3. Update or create your resume to include information about your video experience and past jobs related to video work.

4. Create a portfolio of all of the video work you have created or produced. If you have an abundance of video and media, choose only your best work to create a highlight reel for potential employers.

5. Browse local listings in newspapers and magazines for video work in your own specialized area.

6. Post that you are looking for work in the video field on various social networks with close friends and work colleagues. People you know might be able to set up a job interview or phone call with a video production company or employer.

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7. Check video and entertainment-specific job search websites for active listings with open positions in the video field. Some well-known video-specific career searching websites include Production Hub ( and Entertainment Careers (

8. View additional online job searching communities for video job opportunities around the world. Monster (, Simply Hired ( and Career Builder ( are all such job hunting websites.