Get A Job As A Vj

The abbreviation VJ is short for a visual jockey. When you go to a nightclub, concert or rave you may notice there are visual digital images in the background while performances are taking place. These digital images can enhance the experience of those attending. VJs typically work in close quarters with the DJ to produce digital images that match the music that is playing.


1. Begin your VJ career by gathering images. You can use a camera to start taking pictures, you can swap clips–with the permission of their owners–in forums, and you can use software like Photoshop to alter the images and clips. It’s best to take your own pictures and use your own clips, to avoid any kind of copyright issues.

2. Once you have a large catalog of images you can start editing them together to create one flowing visual creation. The length of the performance, song or genre should determine your visual images. When you have an idea of the order and the special effects you will use, you can use programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to create your presentation.

3. There are three effective ways in which you can start getting jobs as a VJ. First, make a demo of your best work. It should be no more than five minutes long. Upload it to your website or a social networking site like YouTube or Facebook. Another step is to partner with DJs by going to local clubs or concerts and having the DJ see your demo. If the DJ likes your work you may get a referral or an offer to collaborate. Always carry DVDs of your work because you never know who you may meet. A third way to get a job is to go to local clubs or contact school associations at local colleges. Your first gigs might be unpaid, but if you build a fan base you may eventually be offered paid jobs by leveraging your popularity. Eventually, you can build up a good reputation and the work available to you will be consistent.

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