Get A Job As A Hollywood Sound Editor

Sound Editorial; a creative field

You’re an audio tech head. You know every piece of gear by model, stock number and application. Or, you’ve spent years as a musician but you just can’t seem to make a living at it. You’ve looked at your career options and decided Hollywood is the place where you can put your skills and knowledge to use. Working as a Hollywood sound editor, you’ll have the opportunity to earn good wages, and enjoy the creative outlet you seek.


1. Learn Pro Tools. Pro Tools is the software standard for Hollywood sound editorial work. Pro Tools training is offered through vocational schools online sites (see Resources).

2. Prepare your resume and credit list. Hiring for production jobs in Hollywood is generally based upon experience. Attach a list of any motion picture titles you’ve worked on to your resume. Even if you’ve only worked on student or short films, list them as a credits.

3. Create a demo reel as a way of showing off your skills. Clip together three or four scenes from a show you’ve worked on, and burn it to a DVD. The entire reel should be shorter than 10 minutes, so feature only your best work.

4. Locate post sound companies in directories (see Resources). Send your resume and your reel directly to these sound companies. Do not apply to shows. Sound editorial work in Hollywood is generally contracted out to sound companies so applying directly to a show will not get you hired.

5. Research the credits of the sound companies to which you are applying. Companies often list their credits on their website. Apply to companies whose credits are in line with your experience.

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