Get A Gokart On “Bully Scholarship Edition”

Bully is a video game played on major gaming systems including Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 2. Jimmy is a school bully who must complete tasks and goals to gain rewards in order to win the game. In the Scholarship Edition version, Jimmy can earn his own go-kart, clothes and money as rewards.


1. Complete chapter 1 of the game to start chapter 2 to be able to do any of the carnival goals. Go to the carnival located on the southwest portion of Old Bulworth Vale.

2. Race and win all five go-kart races at the carnival. Jimmy must pay $1 to enter the races. The first race jimmy races three nerds, the second he races three bullies, the third he races three preppies, the fourth he races jocks and in the last carnival race, Jimmy races three greasers. The first three races are three laps, and the last two races are four laps.

3. Enter and win three more races on the street after winning the carnival races. The first race is located in the residential district of Old Bulworth Vale near Happy Endings Retirement Home, the second is located Mr Martin’s seafood restaurant and the third is located near Blue Skies. Upon completion of the races, Jimmy will earn $30 and his own go-kart. It should be parked outside of the garage.

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