Get A Colorado Real Estate License

How Do I Get a Colorado Real Estate License?

Change your career in less than six months with a Colorado real estate license. Some states, like Pennsylvania, offer the title of Licensed Real Estate Agent as the first tier of real estate hierarchy. However, in Colorado you will enter into the world of real estate as an Associate Broker’s Agent.


1. Complete the 168-hour education requirement as currently indicated by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (CDRA). It’s the first step in obtaining your Colorado real estate associate broker license. Enroll in a state-approved school to complete your required classes in the classroom or in the comfort of your own home in your leisure time. According to the CDRA, you must complete “48 Hours in Real Estate Law and Practice, 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts and Regulations, 8 Hours in Trust Accounts and Record Keeping, 8 Hours in Current Legal Issues, 24 Hours in Real Estate Closings and 32 Hours in Practical Applications.” Once you complete your education hours, review study materials and take practice tests to prepare for the exam.

2. Apply for a background check with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that includes a set of fingerprints. Results are sent directly to the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

3. Obtain your proof of Errors and Omissions (E & O) insurance before your exam or your associate broker’s license cannot be activated. Online application forms are available on the Division of Real Estate’s official website.

4. Schedule your Colorado Associate Broker’s exam after finishing your class hours. Identify yourself by using the personal identification number you receive from your real estate school when your mandated educational requirement is complete.

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5. Gather all the documents you need, including the nonrefundable fee, proof of education and photo identification along with proof of E & O insurance and arrive at the testing center one hour early to fill out your application. Bring an official form of photo identification like a driver’s license, certificate of U.S Citizenship, military I.D., Certificate of Naturalization or U.S. passport.

6. Take the entire associate brokers exam. The Colorado associate broker’s license exam consists of two parts, scored independently. Anticipate a computerized exam consisting of 154 multiple-choice questions. Calculators are provided. The time limit to complete the test, currently close to four hours, offers real estate hopefuls almost two minutes per question. After the Colorado associate broker‘s exam, your score may be obtained immediately outside the testing area. A score of 75% must be obtained on both the uniform and Colorado-specific portions. Those earning scores under the requirement must take one or both portions of the test again.