Fun Video Effects

Enhance your videos with fun effects.

Desktop video technology is so affordable and plentiful anyone with a digital camcorder and newer PC or Apple computer can shoot and edit their own movies. You can have even more fun with your movies by adding effects. Great effects are not limited to professional software like “Final Cut Pro”; they’re also accessible in programs such as “iMovie” or “Windows Movie Maker.”


The most basic effects available in video editing programs are color effects. You can remove color from a shot or sequence to give it a cooled-down black-and-white palette, which lends an artistic or archival look. Most video editing programs also offer a sepia effect, which applies a brown-and-yellow color cast to your footage, mimicking the look of antique photographs, as well as some silent-era and classic films.


Use on-screen titles to add a professional look to your videos. They can also provide context for on-screen action, or enhance slower portions of your video with amusing captions. Titles can be static, placed in the middle of the screen for a “title card” effect, or off center for a “news footage” or “movie subtitle” look. Most video editing programs, however, allow you to create moving titles that can rush on screen from various directions or scroll past like Hollywood movie credits.


If your home movie contains large segments where nothing much happens, why not speed up the action? Video editing programs allow you to “fast-forward” through less exciting portions of your video or lend a comical effect to peoples’ movements. Alternatively, action can be slowed down for dramatic effect or to linger on moments that might otherwise pass viewers by, such as the home team’s winning play.

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Transition Effects

If your video includes cuts between different locations or scenes, these can be spiced up with a variety of transitions. Fade-outs between scenes ease viewers from one location or subject to the next, while a slide or bounce lets audiences know the movie is about to shift gears. Wipe effects, in vertical, horizontal, circular or even star-shapes, are a playful way to leap from scene to scene.