Fun Games To Play With A Girl

There are plenty of fun games for family game night or a girls’ sleepover.

Where you’re looking for little-girl games or games for teen girls, there are plenty to choose from. From classic card and board games like Go Fish to themed games like Disney Princesses and Littlest Pet Shop, you’ll can find one that’s perfect for a family game night or a girls-only sleepover.

Games for Girls 3 and Older

Younger girls need simple games, such as the Pretty Princess Disney Cinderella Edition. This game allows up to four players who get move their glass slipper around the game board and collect jewelry. The player with the most jewels when the clock strikes midnight wins. Uno Moo is a matching game that requires players to match farm animals and return them back to the barn. Up to four players can play. Candyland is a classic game for up to four players, who navigate a candy-themed game board and try to get to the end first.

Girl Games for Ages 5 and Up

Themed card games bring a twist to the classic games like Go Fish.

Polly Pocket card game allows for up to four players, and is similar to Go Fish. Players try to get Pollyville-themed matches. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins. This game can also be found in a Littlest Pet Shop theme, in which the player with the most pet matches wins. Yahtzee Junior Princess Edition has all the fun of Yahtzee, but instead of adding numbers, you see how many princess matches you can get.

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Games for Girls 7 and Older

With older girls come more advanced games, such as Monopoly Littlest Pet Shop edition, in which players find properties, get their pets pampered at pet spas and find other surprises along the way. It comes with four pets to use, but you can also choose one from your own personal collection. Apples to Apples Disney collection includes several characters, such as princesses, Mickey Mouse and other Disney movie and television characters. This game is similar to the original Apples to Apples game, but with a Disney twist.

Games for Tweens and Teens

Mystery Date is a game geared toward girls 9 and older and can accommodate between one and four players. This is a mystery game in which players receive clues as to who will be their date for prom. Hannah Montana Mall Madness is geared for ages 9 and up. In it, players take a shopping trip to the mall with characters from the Hannah Montana show and see many items they can buy from a shopping list without running out of money.