Free Video Enhancing Programs

Several free video editing software applications are available for download.

Free video-editing software is the easiest and most convenient way to enhance your videos and home movies. Most free applications feature a simple interface and straightforward design. Most beginners will be able to enhance their videos within minutes. Modern video-editing software will even post your videos to favorite social networking sites. Several free applications are available to download that will enhance your videos and still images.


CineFX is an open source video-editing program that supports realtime effects rendering. The application features offline playback of video files and includes animation and video effects tools. Cinefx is capable of playing uncompressed video and image sequences. You can maintain the aspect ratio of the source media or change it on the fly. With this application users create and track multiple video clips at the same time. The program package includes effects such as color adjustment, pan and zoom, thumbnail generation and variable frame rate control.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Bundled in with Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live Movie Maker features an intuitive interface that helps transform images and video clips into full videos. The actions and menus tuck into a visual ribbon at the top of the application. There are a few actions available to enhance videos within Movie Maker. You can split and trim videos into several parts, insert songs at any time, add title and closing credits at the beginning and end of videos, and create transitions to accompany any section of the video. Windows Live can publish the video and send it to email addresses, burn it to a DVD, send it to a social network site, or save it in a variety of TV and mobile formats.

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Video Edit Master

Video Edit Master is a free video editor that includes a variety of features centered on cutting and joining multiple video clips. You can merge two or more separate video files that contain the same encoding together into one video file. The resolution and frame rate of a video inserted into the application can increase its resolution and frame rate. The application can also capture still images from videos to merge into other videos. A preview window to the right of the program can help users precisely cut and join video files.