Flipshare Is Not Working On My Iphone

FlipShare is a portable video capturing and sharing device. FlipShare allows you to transfer your videos to your computer and share videos using various social networking tools. FlipShare also offers an iPhone application that facilitates the transfer of your FlipShare videos to your iPhone.


Flip Video is a full-featured application available for the iPhone from Apple’s App Store. This free application also has compatibility with other video capturing devices. The application allows you to share your mobile videos and send them directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or your personal contacts. Flip Video also allows you to manage your FlipShare videos in a single location and create groups to facilitate sharing of your videos. If the FlipShare iPhone application does not function properly on your iPhone, you should delete the application from your iPhone‘s home screen and reinstall the application from the App Store.


FlipShare sells four different camera models. The entry model comes with four gigabytes or one hour of video at 30 frames per second. The other models feature image stabilization and shoot the video at 60 frames per second and offer larger storage capacity. FlipShare captures video with a digital zoom lens fixed-focused from 1.5 meters to infinity. The images captured with a FlipShare camera have a 1,280 x 720 resolution with H.264 video compression, AAC audio compression and an MP4 file format. FlipShare cameras also feature a mini HDMI port to plug directly into your television, and a built in USB 2.0 plug for your computer or other USB compatible devices.

Converting Video

After transferring your FlipShare videos to your computer, you can convert videos to WMV, AVI and MPEG-1 formats and extract audio to WMA, WAV or MP3 formats. Using FlipShare video converter, Windows Movie Maker or other video editing software you can change the format of the video to ensure compatibility with your iPhone. The best way to guarantee the videos will work on your iPhone is to transfer the videos to iTunes. If iTunes can recognize the file format, your iPhone will also successfully play the file.

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FlipShare cameras also come with different accessories for capturing video in varied conditions. The Bower wide angle lens offers videos a different perspective and allows you to film scenery and panoramic images. If you want to record underwater videos, the Ikelite underwater housing protects the FlipShare camera from water damage. The action tripod helps to ensure the recording of level videos. You can attach this tripod to the hood of your car, handlebars, helmets or any other moving device.