Flip Video In Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program that comes with certain versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Windows Movie Maker allows users to import and edit video clips, audio clips and images. The program does not offer all the features of a professional level video editor, but it does allow the user apply special effects to video clips. One effect that can be useful is the ability to flip or rotate video clips; using this function you can make video that was taken upside down or sideways appear right-side up.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker, browse your computer for the video clip you want to flip and then drag the clip into the Movie Maker window. The clip will appear in the “Imported Media” area of the window.

2. Drag the clip down to the line called “Video” in the editor time line at the bottom of the program window.

3. Right click on the clip and choose “Effects.” An add and remove effects window will pop up.

4. Scroll down the effects list until you see the choices Rotate 90 degrees, Rotate 180 degrees and Rotate 270 degrees.

5. Select the rotate effect you want to apply to the clip (choose rotate 180 if you want to flip it completely upside down) and then click “Add” and click “Ok.” The clip will now be rotated the specified amount.

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